5 Free WordPress Theme Based on Bootstrap 3


1. THBusiness. A Free WordPress Business Theme Based on Bootstrap and designed by THEMEZHUT based on Bootstrap 3

2. Dazzling. A Free Flat Design WordPress Theme Based on Bootstrap. This theme comes packaged with its own options panel for customizing the design, including the ability to edit the footer copyright information, set up the slider, customize typography and more.

3. Romangie. A Free Responsive WordPress Theme Based on Bootstrap. Romangie is a new theme in the WordPress Theme Directory and is one of only a handful to support the latest Bootstrap 3 release.

4. Fullby. A Free Magazine Theme For WordPress Based on Bootstrap. If you’re looking for a lean blogging or magazine style theme that is based on Bootstrap, then Fullby is a strong option. Download Fullby for free from Marchetti Design.

5. WP Knowledge Base. A Free Q & A Responsive WordPress Theme Based on Bootstrap. WP Knowledge Base is a theme for creating a multi-product knowledge base. It’s compatible with a number of Bootstrap plugins and includes support for bbPress.

4 Inspirational premium HTML5 Templates


1. WebRock – Page Builder Framework for HTML5. WebRock is the ultimate drag & drop HTML5 Page Builder Framework with WYSIWYG Editing, making it an invaluable asset for every developer. Comes with a huge number of quality built in objects and plugins. You get the complete access to the HTML, PHP and SCSS files for each of them.

2. Responsive HTML5 CSS Grid. CSS Grid is a valid HTML5, responsive CSS Grid from 1 to 8 columns. It works on iPhone, iPad, Google Android and Windows 8. It also features a Toggle Navigation Menu for mobile.

3. HTML5 Slideshow Gallery Thumbnails XML. The HTML5 Slideshow Gallery Thumbnails XML is size flexible or fluid, it will adapt it’s size (width and height) based on the parent container (div or some other html tag) and every piece of the gallery will align and position accordingly, this basically mean that it can be used in any kind of website, it dose not matter if you need a small or large gallery, all you have to do is to add the gallery in a place which you have chosen in your website and the gallery will adapt. Also if you like you can instantiate the gallery to fit the browser’s viewport regardless of the screen resolution.

4. Google Maps Store Directions w/ Search bar & Print. HTML5 Google Maps API v.3 with printable store directions. HTML5 Full compatibility with browsers. NO JavaScript or Google API knowledge is needed, just insert start and end address inside < input type=”text” / > tags. Light, no unnecessary code or images. No ugly html tables allows you to insert this code into your project with minimum CSS modifications

Atlantic theme 1.0.2 to support latest ZK framework with Flat Design, Customizable Bootstrap & CSS 3



ZK Atlantic theme 1.0.2 has been released to support the latest ZK framework version with flat design, customizable Bootstrap & CSS 3.

Flat design was the key for this update. The new redesign removes all the fancy gradients, shadow effects, cutting out the rounded corners and back to a simple and clear design that reflects only the functionality itself without imitating real world materials. Not only does this theme adopts the newest look and feel on trend, it also gives users the advantage of easier customization without having to take care of those skeuomorphic effects (gradients, shadow effects etc.) alongside the power brought about by the new theme engine combining the support of CSS 3, LESS and Bootstrap to create a simple yet flexible theming experience.

10 premium bootstrap 3 responsive admin dashboard template and themes


1. Metronic – Responsive Admin Dashboard Template. Metronic is a responsive and multipurpose admin and frontend theme powered with Twitter Bootstrap 3.2.0 Framework. Metronic can be used for any type of web applications: custom admin panels, admin dashboards, eCommerce backends, CMS, CRM, SAAS and websites: business, eCommerce. corporate, portfolio, blog. Metronic has a sleek, clean and intuitive metro & flat balanced design which makes your next project look awesome and yet user friendly. Metronic has a huge collection of plugins and UI components and works seamlessly on all major web browsers, tablets and phones.

2. Constellation complete admin skin. Constellation is a powerfull admin skin for building advanced backends, both for desktop and mobile users. It provides a wide range of styles from data visualization to lists and calendars, all fluid and nestable. This skin is build on HTML5 and CSS3 , and is powered by jQuery for maximum user experience.

3. Supr Responsive Bootstrap 3 Admin Template. Supr is a full admin skin based on popular Twitter Bootstrap framework. This template is designed to help you build the site administration without losing valuable time.Template contains all the important functions which must have one backend system.

4. Neon Bootstrap Admin Theme. Neon – is flat admin template for multi-purpose usage built with the latest version of Bootstrap – 3.It contains more than 100 HTML files which offer you great variety of layout options and resources, and it will be extended in the future updates with newer plugins and pages.

5. Todo Web Application and Admin Panel Template. Todo is a fully responsive web app / admin dashboard template.

6. Adminica The Professional Admin Template. Adminica now comes with a separate Bootstrap template. This is a standalone version, geared at getting your Bootstrap web application up and running and looking great from the beginning. It is the most requested feature and we hope you like it.

7. Gebo Admin Responsive Template. Gebo Admin is full featured, two column responsive template based on Bootstrap Framework from Twitter. It has lots of js plugins: charts, filterable/searchable list, calendar, multiselect, location finder, file manager, gallery grid, datatables, sticky messages, WYSIWG editor and many more.

8. Webarch – Responsive Admin Dashboard Template.

9. It’s Brain – responsive Bootstrap 3 admin template. Its Brain – new premium admin theme with lots of different features

10. FlatLab Bootstrap 3 Responsive Admin Template. FlatLab is a Premium Admin Dashboard template with real flat design concept. Flat color, clean content placement, easy customization and professional coding is its core power.

FlatLab is a fully responsive admin dashboard template built with Bootstrap 3.2.0 Framework, modern web technology HTML5 and CSS3. It has a huge collection of reusable UI components and integrated with latest jQuery plugins. This theme is very lightweight and easy customizable which is basically designed for the developers who want to customize it with just a finger snap . FlatLab can be used for all type of web applications like custom admin panel, project management system, admin dashboard, application backend, CMS, CRM, business website, corporate, portfolio, blog etc. A large number of widget are included here to make your work easier. FlatLab works on all major web browsers, Desktop, iPhone, iPad, Tablet and all other smart phone device.